The most effective marketing platform… Instagram or Snapchat

The most effective marketing platform… Instagram or Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat together attracted a large group of the youth audience. Approximate 600-700 million of population users are addressed by Instagram and Snapchat at daily bases. Their huge audience help to make both a significant platform in terms of marketing platform, as well as spread brand awareness among the population. Both applications entail some unique, and interesting features, and advertising components, and it can be quiet tricky to distinguish between the unique elements that can effectively suit the respective business. From the business, and marketing perspective, I would like to opt for Instagram over the Snapchat. Instagram wins a tremendous number of the public which is 3times larger than the count of Snapchat users. Additionally, Instagram contains diversifying topics include fashion, food, beauty, social issues (in sarcasm manner), TV, films, music, current trends, and many more. Instagram users prefer to follow DIY pages, celebrities, travel blogs & photos, favorite brands, and so on. However, the majority of Snapchat users like to have peer-to-peer messaging, sending photos/snaps only to their close friends. On Snapchat users would like to share only their social life, and day to day activities. While Instagram is the platform which contains more content related to products/services along with personal contents. In terms of marketing and advertising tools, Instagram is most prefer as Instagram ads are proven to be a worthwhile investment. Instagram users have bought a product whey they saw it on Instagram first. Furthermore, Instagram provides a cheaper rate for advertising, and also provide the analytics tools for marketing purpose. The Instagram ads can be managed by Facebooks’ Ads managers tools as well. Instagram offers better tool options to discover content related to respective products, and services due to their option of a public figure/public account mode, however, Snapchat restricted within the users who added you on Snapchat only. On Instagram, the likes, and comments on your posts, and whatever you have posted can be seen by lots of users. On Snapchat only, you can see who has replied on your stories. Moreover, due to hashtags, and mentioned (@tags) users can find the relative content on Instagram.

While comparing, Instagram is supposed to be better than Snapchat in lots of aspects, however, the most important factor is to opt for the platform which is most prefer, and frequently used by your target audience.

Anjali Pandey

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