Do you really know “The Art of Blogging?

Before you start writing a blog you must know what the concept of a blog is?

If you simply write something and think that you are a blogger then you are not even close for being a blogger. Mark my words pal if you want to be a blogger you should know how to create a trend. Understand why someone should spend someone a moment on reading your content. You need to spend some time on research and gain some knowledge and make it interesting for your readers.

Blogs can be anything like a collection of short stories or informative content to educate your viewers. But the most important part of being a blogger is to create an influence on your readers.  

First of all, let’s understand the reason behind blogging.

There is no specific age group of bloggers. They can be anyone. Blogging can definitely help you to improve your writing skills, it can help you to make you some money out of it on the side, or in simple terms, a blog gives you a platform to share your ideas to the society.

But if you wanna blog you need some topics to blog about.

I am here to help you with that. Let me get you there. Here I am going to list down some topics that you can always choose to blog about.

•          Technology– Well it is the most popular and ever trending topic to blog about it. All you need to do is to get yourself updated with the knowledge of the latest technology.

•          Fashion– Yes ladies this one is for you. If you got the niche you can start writing about beauty products, makeup, hair products, etc.

•          Marketing/ Digital Marketing– If you are into marketing then you can write about the current trends in the marketing strategies and similarly it goes when you go digital.

•          Travel– If you are an adventurer then you might already know what I am talking about. You can always write and share the live experience you had. You can become a great storyteller down here.

•          Health and Fitness – This includes sports equipment, nutrition, exercise, dieting, etc. You can write about how you can improve your health and do’s and don’ts here.

•          Lifestyle –This is where you can throw your tips about gardening, home improvement, organization, etc.

•          Finance – These are for those who can handle funds and always had a keen eye on industry happenings, ways to make and save money, budgeting.

Always keep your readers in mind

These are the loyal noble souls those who follow you. Always keep your readers interest in your mind. Always appreciate feedbacks. That’s what going to help you to be better on your niche. You will always get to know new people. Try to know more about your viewers. Ask good questions. Always try to get to the point, but at the same time do not become impatient, don’t expect the answer right away.  Trust me on this, never let intimidation or cynicism stop you from initiating a conversation. A healthy conversation can always help you to make your blog popular. Blogging can be much more fun when you can get into a community of your blogging friends. Always be friendly with your fellow bloggers.

Plan and organize your stuff

That’s right if you are willing to be a blogger be serious about it. Plan and invest time on your research over your niche. Always plan it in advance. You cannot be great overnight. Stay focused and keeps improving. Follow popular bloggers and try to learn from their writing style. But do not copy them; create your own unique style. Be yourself! At the end of the day, it has got to be you!!

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