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At #halfjourney we love to work with businesses/brands to be able to achieve the planned & go beyond.

We have a simple mission to excel on our mission, over years we have worked on developing in-house expertise around various critical aspects of business – Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Technology & Analytics.

We are a team of professional digital marketers, working with businesses worldwide, and creating personalized digital experiences. Founded as the organic search wing of Half journey, we have evolved into an end-to-end digital marketing leader and a Google Partner Company, well-appointed with Analytics and AdWords Certified professionals with expertise across digital channels – comprising content marketing, social media, email marketing, paid search, display advertising, remarketing,


Marketers today need to ‘fill the funnel’, produce copies that are ‘clickalicious’, and formulate and implement smart digital marketing strategies that deliver.


Digital Marketing That Makes All The Difference!
In this present generation of digital era, in order to gain the leading edge you have to be smart enough to understand the current trend.
The digital marketing landscape is evolving. Getting a website developed to grow your business won’t help much unless you know when and where your customers are looking for a product/service. At Half Journey, we create and implement proven digital marketing strategies that complement our client’s unique business requirements. We leverage the power of SEO, social media, email, blogs as well as video campaigns to help our clients reach out to targeted audience and drive conversion and sales.

If your website is not showing up/ ranking low on Google search results, Facebook isn’t helping in conversions and no amount of advertising is generating the desired sales leads… Get in touch with us today! We will walk you through our detailed processes and guide you on how we can help grow your business, boost sales and revenue.

 Digital marketing experts at Half Journey do just that! We specialize in data-driven digital marketing that works to increase your conversions, bring in repeat traffic, and enhance your online visibility. Its the traffic that counts, it gives you the potential leads. A powerful content can drive the traffic and boost your page. That is what we do here.

Er. Navneet Singh Rajput

B.E.(Mechanical) Digital Marketing Expert "Happiness should not be your journey but your end destination”

Aditya Shastry

I can vouch for Navneet to be a determined person and someone with high leadership qualities. Navneet looks to own projects and make sure that his team performs the best always. I have been always impressed with the way Navneet has emerged from challenges. He was also elected the college president by the students and that should be evident of his skills to be the people's person.

K S Venkatesh

Navneet Sir has been a mentor, a leader and a motivator at every point of corporate exposure for me. It is always a pleasure working with you.

Er. Siddhesh Chitnavis

Working with Navneet Kumar was always filled with new and challenging environment, benefiting not only the organisation but also on an individual level. Optimistic nature towards team building provided me an idol as him on whom the Organisation rests today.

Shashank Kannawar

I have known Navneet for over 5 years both professionally and personally. He is very wonderful, engaging, responsible, focused and dedicated professional with highest moral values. Navneet has been a tremendous asset to the esteemed organizations at which he has worked in his impressive career, and I am very proud to consider him both as good friend as well as college.

Pranoy Chakraborty

Navneet sir is a genius and marvelous in terms of handling the team and very responsible at work. We first met at Jain Software. He was polite and kind. Same way he is today. Aggressive towards work done and a very humble, kind man. He loves spreading knowledge. We have a lot to learn from him. I am honored to be a part of his team. He is a great leader.

Saurabh Swarnakar

Navneet is a guy you always want to work with, passionate motivated and optimistic towards the target and goals. The knowledge he has in digital marketing and team leading is commendable. We both worked at a similar project and while working with him, got to know him better and yes undoubtedly he is really best at what he does.

Kiran Mangtani

Navneet sir is a great team leader, his leadership has been our inspiration. He's highly motivational...

Prosenjit (PB) Bhattacharya

Navneet has always been a great student. I know him since his college days. He was brilliant in his studies and has always been detail oriented. He was very active in extra curricular activities and has the finest of oratory skills. He is highly disciplined and a health freak. I wish Navneet a very bright future.

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